Acupressure mats for weight loss

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Lose Weight With An Acupressure Mat

Can an acupressure mat help me lose weight?

The answer is YES!

When you lie down on an acupressure mat, there are multiple things that happen to your body.
1.   Increased blood circulation
2.  Increase flow of oxygen throughout your body (and especially the area treated with the acupressure mat)
3.  Reduced stress
4.  Stimulation of acupressure points in your body that help unblock stagnation (of energy channels) and improve the flow of energy throughout your body
5.  Production of endorphins and oxytocin

One of the main reasons you can lose weight with the acupressure mat is because of reduced stress.   Stress caused the body to produce increased amounts of the stress hormone Cortisol, A steroid hormone that is great when we are in fight or flight survival mode.   But with chronic stress, your body continuously releases cortisol, and continuous elevated levels of Cortisol can lead to serious health conditions including suppressed  immune system, increase blood pressure, decrease libido, indigestion, and contribute to obesity.

Dr. Oz featured acupressure mats on his show recently, and listed them as one of three “weight loss must haves” because they are very effective at reducing stress, which in turn reduces Cortisol, which in turn results in reducing fat, especially belly fat.

Regular use of an acupressure mat has so many added benefit in addition to weight loss, that an investment of about $30 for a Heavenly acupressure mat is a no brainer.   Get your Heavenly acupressure mat today on or at

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