Best Sleep Ever!!! I Love The Heavenly Acupressure Mat

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Best Sleep Ever!!!   I Love the Heavenly acupressure mat!

My first though when I got the acupressure mat was that it was nuts that this thing full of spikes could do what people said it could do – better sleep, pain relief, relaxations, and more…
It looked more like a torture device than a relaxation aid. After reading the instructions, I used the mat with a t-shirt on but did not feel much, so off came the shirt and WHOA! – this mat would take some getting used to.

The first sensation was pretty intense, but after reading instructions and reviews, got on the mat again and breathed through the first 5 minutes on the mat with bare skin. After about 10 minutes, my body got used the sensation and soon after, I was fast asleep.  I woke up about an hour later when I shifted position in my sleep, still on the mat. Gently rolled off the mat and tossed it to the floor and continued sleeping.  Had the best sleep I have had in a long time.

After using the mat every day for a week, laying on the mat is now easy and my body is so used the sensation of the spikes against my skin that it is like slipping into a hot bath – I now look forward to it.  My sleep has improved dramatically and I feel so much more alert and relaxed during the day.
My whole body feels relaxed during the day.  Muscles feel like I just got out of a hot tub or just got a massage.

Absolutely amazing. Very glad I pushed past the first hesitation and discomfort that was felt when first on the acupressure mat.
Recommending it to everyone I know and will be getting quite a few acupressure mats as Christmas gifts this year!

I recommend the Heavenly mats for anyone with anxiety and sleep issues. They work great! (once you get past the initial discomfort of having thousands of spikes poking your body but i guess that is how the acupressure works.)

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Sleep Ever!!!, October 4, 2012
By  MBC (Very Happy Heavenly Acupressure Mat USER)
This review was posted on on October 4th, 2012
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