Heavenly Acupressure Mat Symbol

The Heavenly Acupressure Mat Symbol

The Heavenly acupressure mat uses the Sankofa symbol from Ghana, West Africa, which means REVERSION and translates into "return and take back back what you forgot"  The Sankofa symbol teaches the wisdom in learning from the past, to help improve the future.

reversion [rɪˈvɜːʃən]n

  1. A return to or towards an earlier condition, practice, or belief; act of reverting
  2. The act of reversing or the state of being reversed; reversal.

The way we see it, the Heavenly acupressure mat is a great tool that can help you go back and reclaim your well-being and health.  Take back control of your thoughts, your health, and your life.  Take back that which you once had!.

The Heavenly acupressure mat can help by quieting your mind and creating a state where you can reflect on your past, present and future.  So treat yourself to 20 minutes on the Heavenly acupressure mat each day for your positive reversion.