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Heavenly Acupressure Mats On Dr. Oz Recommended Products Website

Dr Oz featured acupressure mats and acupressure pillows on his show multiple times.  He recommended the acupressure mats and pillows for weight loss, stress and tension release, headache and migraine relief, increased blood circulation and better sleep.   The acupressure mats were listed as one of Dr. Oz’s “weight loss must haves”

Many products are recommended by Dr Oz on his show, and if you are like me, you may think, oh, got to read up on that , or will buy one that product tomorrow.  Well, a few days pass and you think – ah, got to buy that product Dr Oz recommended, but alas, you don’t remember the exact product name or what he said to look for when ordering that product.

There is a website called called that lists product recommended on the Dr Oz Show with links to the products recommended on the Dr Oz Show.  The Heavenly acupressure mats are listed on that website along with many other products recommended by the good doctor.

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Ps:  Watch the episode where Dr Oz features acupressure mats as a weight loss must have here.


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