Dr Oz Recommends Reflexology For Headaches, PMS, & Digestion Issues

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Dr Oz Recommends The Use Of Reflexology For Headaches, PMS, & Digestion Issues

Did you know that a lot of information about your health can be revealed on the bottoms of your feet?

Dr. Oz invited Michelle Ebbin – a  reflexologist –  to decode the “foot map” of his  and other audience members feet, and to show them different ways to relieve some of their health complaints!

What is Reflexology?

Dr. Oz’s guest, Michelle Ebbin explained that Reflexology is a healing art that is 100’s of years old and is based on the theory of pressure points on your feet, hands, and ears being connected to every other part of your body.  By stimulating these pressure points, one can actually relieve pain and stress, improve your general physical well-being and re-balance your entire body. Because every pressure point on the bottom of ones feet corresponds to a different part of the body, applying pressure to these specific pressure points can result in natural pain relief or the reduction of discomfort you may be experiencing in that part of your body.

Dr Oz On Treating Digestion Issues With Reflexology

Stomach and digestion issues have corresponding  reflexology points in the soles of your feet.  To improve digestion, blood circulation and to open up stagnant, congested, or blocked passageways,  take a round object such as a tennis ball or a foot acupressure ball, and roll your foot over it with the focus of pressure on the inner soles of your feet.  Do this for 30 to 60 seconds,  three times per day.

Dr Oz On Preventing A Headache With Reflexology

The reflexology point for the brain is on your big toe.   Michelle Ebbin says to apply pressure with your thumb on the back of your big toe and hold it for about 30 seconds when you begin to feel a headache coming on.  By using this technique, you can often prevent full-blown headaches from happening.

Dr Oz On Reflexology for PMS Symptoms

The reflexology points for women’s reproductive organs are found on the inner and outer edges of the ankles. First, find the soft spot right between your ankle bone and your heel.  Then press a warm but not hot spoon on that area for about 10-15 seconds. Remove the spoon and massage that spot with your thumb, repeating several times. According  to Michelle, reflexology therapy has been proven to treat PMS pain more successfully than Ibuprofen!

Acupressure mats are also a great way to easily treat yourself to a foot massage/reflexology treatment whenever you want.  Simply (gently) step onto your acupressure mat (hold onto a chair to support yourself when stepping on and off the mat)  you can then raise one leg off the mat for more pressure is desired.  Dr Oz has featured acupressure mats and pillows on his show at least 3 times!

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