Acupressure Pillows Now Available | Buy Your Acupressure Pillows Here

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Acupressure Pillows Now Available | Buy Your Acupressure Pillows Here

Because of the incredible results people have been getting when using the Heavenly acupressure mats, we have been scrambling to keep the acupressure mats in stock.  We are very pleased to be making available such a wonderful product that so many find highly beneficial and we continue to strive to get them to you at the best price possible while maintaining the high level of quality the Heavenly Brand has come to be known for.

More and more requests have been coming in for Heavenly acupressure pillows and we are glad to announce that the first batch of acupressure pillows have arrived and are now in stock!   The Heavenly acupressure pillows are expected to be up on where you can buy them on August 26th.  

With the acupressure pillows, one can easily and effortlessly use the acupressure points on your neck and the back of your head without having to bother with a rolled-up towel.  Use the Heavenly acupressure pillow simultaneously with the Heavenly acupressure mat for a complete upper back session.  We invite you to feel the tension melt away while you relax into a deep and wonderful state.

The Heavenly acupressure pillows which are normally $29.99, are being offered at $24.99 for a limited time.  Quantities of the acupressure pillows are limited and expected to sell out fast. 

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  • Otto Lehigh

    January 31, 2012 at 3:59 am

    The use of acupuncture to treat back pain has been around for many years. Some people do not believe that acupuncture works, nonetheless, those who have tried it have discovered excellent success. You will find multiple varieties of acupuncture but the most widespread technique is sticking thin needles into the body at various depths. The needles are placed in specific parts of the body to release tension. Acupressure mats are a great way to to use acupressure when you can’t visit a acupuncturist. I love my Heavenly acupressure mat and use it every day to relieve my chronic back pain.

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